New features in Google Chrome

We can use our personalized cookies, bookmarks, themes wherever and whenever we want. To avail this feature we must have Chrome Sync. Go to settings->Options->Personal Stuff->Setup Sync.
Click on Setup Sync. With your gmail account you can Sync all your bookmarks . For private browsing in Google Chrome use Incognito Window. Ex. If you would like to do Online Bank Transactions Go to Settings menu and click on new incognito window.
With this the browser didn't save the cookies, temp files etc., We can also use Ctrl+Shift+N Short Cut key for private browsing. You can also use Task Manager in Google Chrome as it is available in Windows OS. To use Task Manager press Shift + Esc keys. You can end a hanged service using task manager in chrome.
To decrease the tab box size right click on the tab and chose Pin Tab. With this feature you can open maximum tabs and windows. Did you know that in firefox we can open two orkut accounts at the same time? We can also do that in Google Chrome.
First open an account and login, then close the browser with Alt+F4. Choose Save and Quit when it closes. Then again open browser.
Recover that session and open new tab and another account.