Additional plugins and addons for Firefox

Firefox browser is the highest using web browser and most netizens use firefox. We can store additional plugins and addons in firefox browser.

To get weather updates in firefox download and install "Eatherbug" and "Aniweather" addons.After installing any addon please restart the firefox browser to use the addon. We can edit a webpage while browsing it. We have to use "FireBug" addon to do that.

You can download it from We can share links easily on Facebook, twitter, Google main, reader, bookmark, evernote.... by using an addon. To download it go to

With "ShowIP" addon you can see your system ip in the status bar of your firefox browser window.We can make photo albums using "Foto Fox" addon. To run a javascript code on a certain webpage download and install "Grease Planet" addon.

For more info follow the links below.