Some tips to make your system clean

Whenever your pc hangs suddenly and if you restart your pc by pressing reset or power on button, your system starts with hard disk scan check. Don’t bypass that scan, it is very necessary to check all your pc drives to prevent damage to your system. It keeps your system hard disks healthy.

Don’t fix high resolution Bitmap images as your desktop wallpapers. It occupies too much memory and it will take too much time load OS.

Don’t put too many icons on your pc desktop. Don’t load too many fonts into your fonts folder in control panel. It will take too much time to load OS.

Always keep 20-40% free space in all your pc hard disk drives. Delete unnecessary and not using files. Always clean temporary files & cookies or they can make your system run slowly. If you will not provide that above 20-40% free space to your hard disk drives, sometimes there can occur invalid page fault errors.

Use regularly Scan Disk and Disk defragmentation tools, which are given in

Start -> Programs -> Accessories-> System Tools ->

They will keep your system running fastly.

Don’t put high resolution for your pc desktop. For a 15” monitor the recommended resolution is 800x600. For a 17” monitor the recommended resolution is 1024x768.

Always back up your windows registry in to a separate system folder. Sometimes some of the virus programs may attack your windows registry, and can damage your system.

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