Audio & Video Tips

Most of the PC users use, Windows Media Player to play MP3 songs. Windows Media Player takes up to 10 MB memory. To save memory you can use WINAMP to play MP3 songs. It will take up to 4 MB only. So, as per my choice it is better to use WINAMP, than Windows Media Player.

Audiograbber, Musicmatch Jukebox and CD-DA Extractor softwares are the best ones to encode Audio CD songs into WMA, MP3 formats.

PowerDVD is the best software to play a video file. It plays a CD/DVD perfectly even they have scratches.

If you have a TV tuner card and whenever you capture a video using that card, capture the video in MPEG format. Don’t capture the video as in another format, or it may create errors while playing that video.

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