MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0

* MySQL Enterprise Server software is the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of MySQL for cost-effectively delivering E-commerce, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), and multi-terabyte Data Warehousing applications. I
* It is a fully integrated transaction-safe, ACID compliant database with full commit, rollback, crash recovery and row level locking capabilities.
* MySQL delivers the ease of use, scalability, and performance that has made it MySQL the world’s most popular open source database.
MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0 delivers new enterprise features, including:
* ACID Transactions to build reliable and secure business critical applications
* Stored Procedures to improve developer productivity
* Triggers to enforce complex business rules at the database level
* Views to ensure sensitive information is not compromised
* Information Schema to provide easy access to metadata
* Distributed Transactions (XA) to support complex transactions across multiple databases
* Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture for maximum flexibility
* Archive Storage Engine for historical and audit data
* Federated Storage Engine to create a single logical database from many physical servers
* Emergency Hot Fix Builds
* MySQL Native C Library
* MySQL Drivers for ODBC, JDBC, .NET
* Community Drivers for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc
* MySQL Connector/MXJ for deployment as a JMX MBean
Graphical Tools
* MySQL Workbench
* MySQL Query Browser
* MySQL Administrator
* MySQL Migration Toolkit
Software Type: Shareware (30 Days Trial)

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