MPEG2Cut 1.15

A fast and easy to use MPEG2 video cutter
The MPEG2Cut application was designed to be a fast and easy to use MPEG2 video cutter. It will help you cut a video part from the MPEG2 file.

What's New in This Release:

· added experimental VOB support (was possible in previous version also)
· added experimental MPEG2 VIDEO only cutting support
· added ac3 playback
· added track selectioning while playback
· cutting: made i/o buffer bigger to hopefully speed up things
· now '0' and 'insert' will also start/stop playback mode
· (so I can switch between ff/fb and play without moving my hand too much...)
· some tidbits here and there
· finally released source and taking some rest now....
Software Type: Freeware
Size: 365 KB
OS: Windows all
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