10,000 B.C. Review

10,000 B.C. is a prehistoric love story, about a young man trying to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend.
Themovie begins with the great narrator Omar Sharif
about the spirting sand nature, that goes on forever & ever..which has no bearing onwhat comes next.

The movie’s best feature is its massivelandscapes on this journey.
And, so it is in 10,000 B.C., where avariety of off-the-rack plot points and generic heroic journeys are decorated with computer-graphics like the mammoths and saber-toothedtigers.The trailer was really awesome with stunning visuals of mammoths and huge animals but that was the only good part of the movie.
This is a film that makes you feel a bit uneasy as you watch it. It’sprobably because its story too unreal and not enough fantasy, that and many of the action scenes and plot points we’ve seen before in otherfilms.
There’s just nothing to justify a big screen viewing--- and that’s a disappointment considering that this was suppose to be a grand historical piece action film.
Roland Emmerich is up to his old tricks with this one. For those of you that have no idea who Emmerich is, he’s the guy that brought such deliciously bland classicsas Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow etc.

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