Simple & Quick ways to increase your blog traffic

These are some of simple ways to increase your blog traffic.

  • Submit your blog posts to Social Bookmarking Sites like,,,,

  • If you want to add more than above bookmarking sites just go to and search for "Social Bookmarking Sites".

  • Submit your blog to all blog directories like,,,,,,, for more search for "blog directories" on Google.

  • Join in and burn your posts as feeds to give access to your readers via RSS feed Readers like, Bloglines, Google Reader.

  • Submit your posts as articles to,,

  • Join in and claim your blog, and create technorati tags in your posts by adding an anchor link in your posts.

  • Join link exchange programs like, and submit your blog to them, browse some websites as they have given. The more credits you earn by surfing the websites, the more traffic for your blog will come.

  • Create your own groups within Yahoo, Google and other sites who are offering free groups, and invite your friends or other people to join in your group.

  • Join Online Forums & Communities, use your blog url as signature in replies in those communities and forums.

  • Visit other people blogs and comment in their posts by putting your blog url. These can be called as backlinks. With these backlinks Google gives page rank to your site.

  • Participate in answering programs like Yahoo Answers, when you answer a question, put your blog url at the end of your answer.

  • Submit your blog url to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.

  • Join Google Webmaster Tools and validate your blog with Google bot, and similarly with Yahoo Bot , MSN bot also.

  • Go to for Google bot, go to for Yahoo bot, go to for MSN bot.

  • After submitting your blog url to these bots, they will provide two verification methods. One is inserting a meta tag in your blog's head element. Two is uploading an html file to your blog's root directory in server.

  • I think inserting a meta tag is very easy method. After inserting the meta tag verify your site as they have given the instructions.

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