To get motherboard drivers or other drivers whatever you need…

If you have no correct driver for a component it will not work correctly in any OS.
In Windows Me/XP/Vista or in other OS’s some drivers have given. But in some cases these drivers can’t help you. You need some other sources to find those drivers.
Here I am giving some of the websites information to download drivers whatever you need.

· For all Intel chipset motherboard drivers go to and download drivers for your motherboard model.
· For ASUS/QDI motherboard drivers, visit
· For VIA motherboard drivers, go to
· For MTIUSA, FIC motherboard drivers visit,
· For ASUS, FICA, Intel, Micronics, Super Micro motherboard drivers, go to
· For DFI, Super Galaxy motherboard drivers, visit

To get Display Card Drivers

· For Zp;trox AGP card drivers, visit
· For Magic-Pro display drivers, visit
· For all NVIDIA display drivers, visit
· For all Matrox display drivers, visit
· For all old generation display card drivers, go to

For any driver (VGA/AGP/Sound/Modem)

Go to . If you want to download a driver software, first of all you have to register in this site with any of your e-mail Id. It is free to create an account in this site.
They will send an activation link to your registered e-mail Id. Click on the link and activate your account.
Login to your account and browse all categories, download whatever driver you want.

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