Pro Magic Plus

1. Instant system restoration
Regardless of mal-operation or system crash, install ProMagic Plus beforehand would allow you to instantly restore your system back by simply reboot your computer.
2. System Uninstall
ProMagic Plus provides a protection mode, which allows user to freely test any software.
If user does not want to keep the software, just reboot the computer to restore back to the previous state, and have it removed completely from you computer.
3. Restore from System Crash or Failure
When your system crashes, simply choose the time point you would like to restore to and reboot. In minute, or seconds, your system is back to normal and ready for use.
4. Password Security
ProMagic Plus provides double password protection, including a user password for entering each OS and a manager password for managing ‘ProMagic Plus’, which can effectively prevent others from using your computer without permission or data from being stolen.
5. Data Disk(s) Protection (new)
ProMagic Plus not only protects the system disk, but also protects your data disks (D:, E:, F:…). Reboot is not required when backup or restore data disk(s).
6. Multipoint Save/Restore
You can backup data whenever you need and restore them back to anytime you wish, 1 hour, 1 day or a month ago. Restore points are unlimited.
7. Multi-boot (optional)
Multi-boot function supports for up to 22 operating systems, allows you to freely switch from one operating system to another, and it also provides protection for individual system partitions.
8. Scheduled Backup & Restore
Backup and restore your computer every hour/day/week or every time it boots up.
9. Windows Update & Virus Update Support (new) (additional function)
Supports Windows Update and Virus Update by automatically check for any new updates on your computer at scheduled time and create new multi point when detects new updates.
10. Selectable backup/buffer area size (new)
11. Display used space of buffer area
12. Change default path of [my document], [favorites] and [Outlook Express] (new)
You may choose to change the default folder path of [my document], [favorites] and [Outlook Express] to other data partition to prevent it from being restored with the system partition.
13. Internet Remote Control
provides [One Touch] remote control
14. Better efficiency
improve 30% under same PC environment
15. Enhanced compatibilities and stabilities
16. Online update
Software Type: Shareware (30 Days trial)
Size: 2.30 MB

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